Last NameTeughels
ProfessionTraveller in wines, wall papers & corn
Arrival in the UKSeptember 1914
NotesFrom diary of Gabrielle Mary West, held by Imperial War Museums, Documents.7142 Miss West took in the Teughels on 24th September 1914, doing up the rooms over her stables at her house in Selsley, near Stroud, Gloucestershire. They stayed until moved to another property in Painswick, the other side of Stroud, on 30th November 1914. The Family Teughels are described by Miss West: "Father stout & had been rather dapper. Mother tall, stout & had been fashionable. 2 daughters also stout, red cheeked & yellow haired. Little boy of 12, not as stout. Baby very stout pale straw coloured hair & a most bewitching smile." "They lived just under the church tower at Malines. When the bombardment began fearing that it would fall on them they lived for 3 days in the cellars & then fled. For two nights they slept in a greenhouse & were so cold that monsieur went back for extra clothes. Then they went on to Antwerp & came over to England in a refugee boat. The father was traveller in wines, wall papers & corn, a most peculiar mixture!"
Belgian Addresses
  • Malines, Belgium
  • Antwerp, Belgium
UK Addresses
  • Selsley, Stroud, UK
  • Painswick, Stroud, UK

Malines, Belgium

Antwerp, Belgium

Selsley, Stroud, UK

Painswick, Stroud, UK