Sylvia Amelia Vanthuyne

First NameSylvia
Middle NameAmelia
Last NameVanthuyne née Debruyne
Date of birth24 February 1866
ProfessionButcher's wife
Family MembersCarolus (Karel) Ludovicus Vanthuyne (spouse), Alice Vanthuyne (child), Maria Vanthuyne (child), Andrea Vanthuyne (child)
Arrival in the UK1914
Departure from the UK1919
NotesStayed at the same villa in Cadder as the Dechièvre family of Nieuwpoort (see: Desiré Dechièvre)
Belgian Addresses
  • Recollettenstraat 21, Nieuwpoort, Belgium
UK Addresses
  • Cadder, Glasgow, UK

Recollettenstraat 21, Nieuwpoort, Belgium

Cadder, Glasgow, UK