Robert Van Groenderbeck

First NameRobert
Middle Name
Last NameVan Groenderbeck (Van Groenderbek)
Date of birth1880
ProfessionIronworker; hon. discharge from Belgian Army 1903
Family MembersGeorgine Van Groenderbeck (spouse), Joseph Van Groenderbeck (child), Robert Van Groenderbeck (child), Paula Van Groenderbeck (child)
Arrival in the UK1914
NotesNOTES: The Van Groenderbeck family arrived from London on 13 October 1914 and took up residence in a Cottage at Apperley Green provided by Mr Algernon Strickland of Apperley Court. According to the newspaper reports, they had lived a "comfortable life" in Louvain. At 9am on 29th August they had left by train first for Ghent and then Ostend where for 5 weeks the family of 5 lived in a bathing machine ("except for 10 nights when they found a bed") - SOURCES : The Gloucester Chronicle and the Tewkesbury Register both of Saturday 17th October 1914 (British Newspaper Archive) - ENTERED BY Alison MacKenzie
Belgian Addresses
  • Leuven, Belgium
UK Addresses
  • The Green, Apperley, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, UK

Leuven, Belgium

The Green, Apperley, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, UK