Paula Rassaerts

First NamePaula
Middle Name
Last NameRassaerts née Rassaerts
Date of birth30 May 1902
NotesI remember seeing photos of the Butcher shop in Dunmow and a sepia-coloured photo of both my grandma and her sister with an inscription in white saying Grimsby. I am trying to trace these photos who are held by my aunt. 80 Years on, aged 22, I moved from Belgium to the UK and now live in Lincoln which is less than 50 miles from Grimsby. It is only relatively recently that I have started to look into my family tree and have learned more about the reason my grandma and her sister ended up in the UK, alongside the many other WWI Belgian Refugees. My name is Heidi De Wolf and email address is
Belgian Addresses
  • Rumst, Belgium
UK Addresses
  • Dunmow, UK
  • Grimsby, UK

Rumst, Belgium

Dunmow, UK

Grimsby, UK