Paul Zech

First NamePaul
Middle Name
Last NameZech
Date of birth29 May 1876
ProfessionIndustrial (paint and varnish)
Family MembersJeanne Marie Augustine Zech (spouse), Yvonne Mariette Zech (child), George Paul Louis Zech (child)
LanguagesFrench, Flemish, English
Arrival in the UK1914
NotesStayed in Glasgow after the war as varnish maker of Sandeman Varnish ltd. Vice-consul for Belgium from 1936 to 1945. See: Annelies Beck, "Over the Channel". Peter Vandenabeele
Belgian Addresses
  • Louisalei 20, Antwerp, Belgium
UK Addresses
  • Glasgow, UK

Louisalei 20, Antwerp, Belgium

Glasgow, UK