Paul Xavier Joseph Sarlet

First NamePaul
Middle NameXavier Joseph
Last NameSarlet
Date of birth13 April 1887
ProfessionLawyer (bar of Charleroi)
Family MembersMarie Joseph Charlotte Sarlet (parent), Edouard Joseph Sarlet (sibling), Elisabeth Thérèse Zéphise Sarlet (spouse), Pierre Henri Marie Joseph Sarlet (child)
Arrival in the UKOctober 1914
Departure from the UK14 June 1915
Notessee brother for more information on the addresses. Not employed in the UK Left the UK with his wife and son for Paris 577 Rue Lafayette) on June 14, 1915 Added by Peter Vandenabeele.
Belgian Addresses
  • Marchienne-au-Pont, Charleroi, Belgium
UK Addresses
  • Faversham, UK
  • 58 Newton Road, Faversham, UK

Marchienne-au-Pont, Charleroi, Belgium

Faversham, UK

58 Newton Road, Faversham, UK