Nathalia Maria Mermuys

First NameNathalia
Middle NameMaria
Last NameMermuys (Nathalie) née Schaeken
Date of birth2 January 1877
Family MembersAndré Mermuys (child)
Arrival in the UK15 October 1914
NotesArrived in England on the day her hometown Ostend fell in German hands (15th October 1914), so she must have taken one of the last boats that left Ostend. With her little boy André (8 y.). Her husband Médard Mermuys (1874-1948), a shopkeeper, stayed behind in Ostend. Was billeted in Faversham in Plantation House, Plantation Road, where the Catholic church of Faversham then was. Catholicism thrived in Faversham by the arrival of the mostly Catholic Belgian refugees. "Mme Mermuy can just support herself. she has one a small boy, towards whose support the Committee makes a weekly contribution." (Arthur Smith, secretary of the Faversham Relief Committee, in a letter to the contributors, 30th April, 1917, Imperial War Museum London). The nature of the employment of Mme Mermuys is not known. Perhaps she helped in a shop. In February 1918: Nathalie moved to Penge, London, with her then nearly 12-year-old son André. Source: CRWR, Women, War & Society, Imperial War Museum, London Peter Vandenabeele
Belgian Addresses
  • Oostende, Belgium
UK Addresses
  • Plantation Road, Faversham, UK
  • 2 Genoa Road, London, UK

Oostende, Belgium

Plantation Road, Faversham, UK

2 Genoa Road, London, UK