Marie Louise Vandeputte

First NameMarie
Middle NameLouise
Last NameVandeputte née Boels
Date of birth3 July 1866
Family MembersHélène Jeanne Denise Vandeputte (child), Yvonne Ludovica Amelia Vandeputte (child), Marie Honorine Victorine Vandeputte (child), Louise Marie Félicie Vandeputte (child), Anna Vandeputte (other)
LanguagesFrench, Flemish
Arrival in the UK17 October 1914
NotesThe Victorian house at 58 Newton Road in Faversham was offered to the Faversham Refugee Committee by Dr. Frederick Gange (1868-1950), one of Faversham’s general practitioners. It was given to two families: the first family consisted of Marie Vandeputte of 3 Place du Laboratoire (now called the Antoon Belpairestraat) in Ostend, with her four daughters Yvonne (20), Marie (18), Hélène (14), and Louise (10). The head of this family was Major Victor Vandeputte, who was fighting in the Belgian army at the Yser, just like his only son Georges. Marie Vandeputte became a widow in 1915. Her husband Major Victor Aimé Vandeputte (1864-1915), who served in the 3rd infantry regiment of the Belgian army, was wounded in Pervyse at the Yser front in November 1914, shortly after his family had fled to England. He died in a hospital in Calais on 29th June 1915. His only son Georges (1897-1916), still a trainee at the outbreak of war and in the meantime promoted to second lieutenant in the 3rd infantry regiment, was killed in action at Oud-Stuivekenskerke on 9th November 1916. Marie received a small widow’s pension of £30 a year. She was assisted by her two eldest daughters Yvonne and Marie, who were wholly or partially maintaining themselves, and by the local refugee committee, which paid the rent, coals and lighting. (from: P.Vandenabeele, Belgian Refugees in Faversham in the Great War, Faversham Papers 2014) In July 1915 Marie moved with her daughters to 27 Athelstan Road, Faversham
Belgian Addresses
  • Antoon Belpairestraat 3, Ostend, Belgium
UK Addresses
  • 58 Newton Road, Faversham, UK
  • 27 Athelstan Road, Faversham, UK
  • Hampstead, London, UK

Antoon Belpairestraat 3, Ostend, Belgium

58 Newton Road, Faversham, UK

27 Athelstan Road, Faversham, UK

Hampstead, London, UK