Marie Isobella Janssens

First NameMarie
Middle NameIsobella
Last NameJanssens (Jansoens) née Neefs
Date of birth13 May 1888
ProfessionThought to be a nurse while in England, but also sold furniture.
LanguagesFlemish, English, French, German
Arrival in the UK1914
NotesMost information is through oral history in the family. We believe that Marie is from Antwerp and arrived around 1914, but not sure which port. She came with her 3 children, after her husband was thought to be missing in action thought to be dead. We know she was located in Nottingham where she met a man called Charles Lewis Bartram who worked on the canals. They had two children Louise Marie Clara Bartram and Albert Lewis Bartram (My grandfather). Unfortunately, Charles Lewis was killed in a canal accident 1919 and it was thought that while Marie was hospitalised her daughter Louise was taken by another family. Louise has never been found. The three older flemish children returned to Belgium (we are really not sure when) it was believed that they were made to return after their father, who was thought to be missing in action, was found and had remarried. Jeff went into the military and fort in the second world war, Joesephine was a cafe owner and worked for the flemish resistance and Gerard refused to work in a German weapons factory because of his English brother (my grandfather). Therefore Gerard was sent to a concentration camp which he did survive. After Charles death, Marie stayed in England to look after my grandfather. She met a man called Enoch Beardsley in Nottingham who gave my Grandfather his surname, however he was never legally adopted. Marie and Enoch were legally married in 1953. Enoch and Marie moved to South Kirby, West Yorkshire so that Enoch could work in the mines. Marie always kept touch with flemish children occasionally going to Belgium to visit, writing and them come over to England to see her. According to her marriage certificate Marie's father was Victor Madestius and his is listed as a cafe owner. Marie had a sister called Polleen.
UK Addresses
  • 24 Haywood Street, Nottingham, UK
  • South Kirby, South Kirkby, Pontefract, UK

24 Haywood Street, Nottingham, UK

South Kirby, South Kirkby, Pontefract, UK