Maria James

First NameMaria
Middle Name
Last NameJames née Ramirez de Arellano
Date of birthFebruary 1897
Arrival in the UK1915
NotesMaria Ramirez de Arellano was born in Antwerp in December 1897. She is the daughter of Joanna Catherina (nee Hermans) and a Puerto Rican sailor. I cannot distinguish his first name but his surname was Ramirez de Arellano. Maria's mother, Joanna was born 6th December 1880 in Hoboken, Belgium. Her father was from Puerto Rico and his birthdate is 5th October 1871. Maria's parents married in Belgium. Maria, her Mother and Grandmother left Belgium and walked to Holland. From there they arrived at Victoria train station (I do not know the details) and were dispersed throughout the UK. Maria lived in Cumbria where she met and married William James and had a family. She did not return to Belgium to live. Maria visited Belgium in the 1950's and visited relatives in Antwerp, Bruges and Ghent.
Belgian Addresses
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