Maria Celestina Steenberghs

First NameMaria
Middle NameCelestina
Last NameSteenberghs
Date of birth18 January 1876
Family MembersErnest Steenberghs (other)
Arrival in the UKOctober 1914
Notes8.10.1914: Edmonton Refuge, Silver Street, London. 16.10.1914: to the Rectory, Bury. This woman was a war widow: her husband, Gustaaf Verstrepen, was shot by the Germans in the vicinity of Aarschot on August 20, 1914. See Rough translation: "Of the 70 civilians who were imprisoned in the church on the evening of August 19, 21 were imprisoned the following day. The others were allowed to go home. Of those 21, every third man was identified as a victim. They were taken outside and killed a few steps away from the church against the rear of an uninhabited house with gunshots. They were led to slaughter in two groups. Gustaaf Verstrepen belonged to the first group. Their bodies were covered with a light layer of earth to hide the icy conch region. The remaining 14 citizens were obliged to lay on the straw in the Het Mosselhuis inn in front of the church, facing the ground. For 45 minutes they were stamped and beaten under death threats. Then they were allowed to go, more dead than alive." Gustaaf Verstrepen's younger brother Louis, was also shot that same day. Maria was accompanied by a little boy, Ernest, probably a nephew. Source: CRWR Brussels (small register), Geneanet, database In Flanders Fields Museum, Ypres. Peter Vandenabeele
Belgian Addresses
  • Leuvensestraat 112, Aarschot, Belgium
UK Addresses
  • Silver Street, London, UK
  • The Rectory, Bury, UK

Leuvensestraat 112, Aarschot, Belgium

Silver Street, London, UK

The Rectory, Bury, UK