Lucia Vandenabeele

First NameLucia
Middle Name
Last NameVandenabeele
Date of birth10 September 1901
Family MembersFrans Juliaan Vandenabeele (parent), Cesarina Vandenabeele (parent)
Arrival in the UK16 January 1915
NotesThere is an entry for Lucia in the CRWR in Brussels. She was first billeted at the Belgian Refugees Hostel in Exeter. Probably this was together with the rest of her family, because she was only 14 at that time. However, this is not mentioned in the register for her father (see parents). Later she probably joined her father (see there) Return to Belgium (Nieuwpoort): not mentioned. Probably 1919. (distant relative)
Belgian Addresses
  • Ieperstraat 20, Nieuwpoort, Belgium
UK Addresses
  • Exeter, UK

Ieperstraat 20, Nieuwpoort, Belgium

Exeter, UK