Leontine Dechièvre

First NameLeontine
Middle Name
Last NameDechièvre née Beuselinck
Date of birth3 June 1872
Family MembersDesiré Dechièvre (spouse), Jeanne Dechièvre (child), Maria Dechièvre (child), Georgette Dechièvre (child), Madeleine Dechièvre (child), Gerarda Dechièvre (child)
LanguagesFlemish, French
Arrival in the UK1914
Departure from the UK1919
NotesSee husband Place of residence (according to CRWR): Cadder-Bishopsbriggs, near Glasgow
Belgian Addresses
  • Nieuwpoort, Belgium
UK Addresses
  • Cadder, Glasgow, UK

Nieuwpoort, Belgium

Cadder, Glasgow, UK