Leonardus (Leon) Gerardus Schepers

First NameLeonardus (Leon)
Middle NameGerardus
Last NameSchepers
Date of birth11 March 1898
ProfessionLieutenant with the Belgian Customs Service
NotesLeon Schepers escaped to the United Kingdom, most likely via the Netherlands. In the UK, he was at some point hosted by the Groom family, where he met and fell in love with their daughter of the same age, Alice (born 25 January 1898 in Stevenage, Hertforshire) He was one of the Belgian soldiers who returned to the Belgian front with the British troops in the final years of the war. He married Alice Groom, who joined him in Belgium after the war. They had several children, she spent the rest of her life there and passed away 18th November 1963 in Hasselt, Belgium.