Leon Sarlet

First NameLeon
Middle Name
Last NameSarlet
Date of birth14 August 1896
Family MembersEugenie Sarlet (parent), Prosper Sarlet (other), Maria Paula Desiré Sarlet (sibling)
Arrival in the UKOctober 1914
NotesFled with his mother and 6 brothers and sisters (eldest brother Prosper and uncle Prosper were in the army) from Dendermonde first to Wetteren, then Ghent and in October 1914 the UK. This family is mentioned in the Belgian war press a few times, see: https://hetarchief.be/nl/media/vooruit-socialistisch-dagblad/B2bfsZOjpgCGVsMvNS5XIPk9?search=leon+sarlet and https://hetarchief.be/nl/media/het-volk-christen-werkmansblad/c1f8ulJcTuUPVWcUCPtNYVWb?search=leon+sarlet. Leon joined the Belgian army, like his brother Prosper and uncle Prosper (who came to England in 1916) in 1915. The rest of the family stayed in the UK. His father Alphonse stayed behind in Belgium. Sources: CRWR Brussels, Geneanet.com, www.hetarchief.be. Entered by Peter Vandenabeele
Belgian Addresses
  • Van Langenhovestraat, Dendermonde, Belgium
UK Addresses
  • Leicester, UK

Van Langenhovestraat, Dendermonde, Belgium

Leicester, UK