Julia Selleslagh

First Name Julia
Middle Name
Last NameSelleslagh
Date of birth1883
Family MembersSelleslagh (parent), Marie Selleslagh (sibling)
NotesSource: Halifax Weekly Courier 30 January 1915 Mdle. Julia Selleslagh was the victim of a hoax. A letter left at Longroyde House, Brighouse, where she had been staying for some time, purporting to come from her fiancé, who was a doctor serving with the Belgian Army. It stated that he was wounded and in St Gertrude’s Hospital in London. She went to London to discover there was no such hospital. She later had a letter from her fiancé to say that he had never been wounded. Source: National Archives, Belgian Refugees History Cards. Madame Selleslagh (63), Marie (37), Julia(34) (ages recorded 12 July 1917). From 42 Rue d Adughem, Malines. Living at 17 Haigh Street. To Belgium on SS Khyber 26 February 1919. Julia first class dressmaker. Jeanne Delplanque(12) and Marie Delplanque(3) recorded on History Card, therefore assumed they are at the same address. Added by Graham Bradshaw- Halifax Great War Heritage Society- https://www.halifaxgreatwar.org
UK Addresses
  • Brighouse, UK
  • 17 Haigh Street, Brighouse, UK

Brighouse, UK

17 Haigh Street, Brighouse, UK