Jules Toussaint Joseph Lejeune

First NameJules
Middle NameToussaint Joseph
Last NameLejeune
ProfessionWas an owner of dye-works in Verviers but came to England in Jan 15 with family to Norden nr Rochdale, where he was employed as a cloth carboniser at Kelsall and Kemp's Woodhouse Mill, Norden. (Son employed also as a woollen finisher)
Arrival in the UKJanuary 1915
NotesMons. Lejeune of 12 Grimes St, Norden, Rochdale took his own life aged 51 by drowning in a mill lodge, 25 May 15. Senior mourners were Mons. Fernand Jules Olivier Lejeune (son), Mdlle. Julie Lejeune, Masters Rene and Ernest Lejeune (relationship to deceased not declared - probably wife and two young children) and 'several friends from the Norden Belgian hostel'. Two others also named. 'Thirty compatriots of the deceased walked in front of the hearse'. There was a 'large crowd' including local people. Buried Rochdale Cemetery. He had been to China and contracted a disease which could make him 'strange in manner'. In Belgium he was 'well-to-do' but had been depressed in England having to leave his business in Belgium and because of the war. He had found it difficult to settle down. All this information has come from local newspapers (via British Newspapers Online). A photo was also published. I have dated copies of the newspaper entries. I am a historical researcher studying the woollen industry and I came across this unfortunate case during my work. There is more info in the newspaper articles. Contact me if you wish. Dr Graham Cooper, graham.cooper@zen.co.uk, 01200440284.
Belgian Addresses
  • Verviers, Belgium
UK Addresses
  • Norden, Rochdale, UK

Verviers, Belgium

Norden, Rochdale, UK