Joseph Charles Seghers

First NameJoseph Charles
Middle Name
Last NameSeghers
Date of birth1889
Family MembersMadeline Seghers (spouse), Simone Seghers (child), Robert Seghers (child), Jacques Seghers (child), Yvonne Seghers (child)
Departure from the UKFebruary 1919
NotesSource: National Archives Belgian Refugees History Cards. Joseph Charles Seghers(29), Madeline(23) nee Bertholen, Simone(5 ½ ), Robert (4), Jacques(1 ½ ), Yvonne(3 months). ( ages recorded 4 January 1918). Marie Bertholen(45). 19 Rue du Ministre, Boitsfert, Brussels. 46. Rue Feidir, Boitsfert, Brussels. Joseph Charles an Accountant.-9 Bond Street, Halifax. -3 February 1919 from Halifax to 119 Gower Street. -14 February 1919 to Belgium Added by Graham Bradshaw- Halifax Great War Heritage Society-
Belgian Addresses
  • Brussels, Belgium
UK Addresses
  • 9 Bond Street, Halifax, UK

Brussels, Belgium

9 Bond Street, Halifax, UK