Jean Joseph Vleeshouver

First NameJean
Middle NameJoseph
Last NameVleeshouver
Date of birth4 April 1897
ProfessionWorkman in paperworks of Willebroech
Family MembersJoannes Franciscus Van Loock (other), Sophia Leonia Van Loock (other), Maria Sophia Van Loock (other), Ludovica Victoria Van Loock (other), Octanie Van Loock (other), Catherine Marguerite Van Loock (other), Victor Van Loock (other)
Arrival in the UK26 November 1914
NotesThe above refugee arrived at Howden on the 26 Nov 1914 & was sent back to London as undesirable on 14 January 1915 Stepson of Sophia Leonia Van Loock Information courtesy of East Riding Archives reference: DDTR/216/1
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