Gustave Pierre Nieuwenhuyse

First NameGustave
Middle NamePierre
Last NameNieuwenhuyse
Date of birth24 April 1890
Family MembersChristina Maria Nieuwenhuyse (parent), Rachel Coutereel (spouse), Clementine Marie-José Nieuwenhuyse (child)
Departure from the UKOctober 1914
NotesRouken Glen House Glasgow.. 1915: married refugee Rachel Coutereel in Scotland Joined the Belgian army in 1915 and died in 1923 of wounds incurred in the war in 1917 and 1918 in a hospital in Belgium. added by Peter Vandenabeele
Belgian Addresses
  • Oostende, Belgium
UK Addresses
  • Giffnock, Glasgow, UK

Oostende, Belgium

Giffnock, Glasgow, UK