Georgine Van Groenderbeck

First NameGeorgine
Middle Name
Last NameVan Groenderbeck (Van Groenderbek)
Date of birth1878
Family MembersRobert Van Groenderbeck (spouse), Joseph Van Groenderbeck (child), Robert Van Groenderbeck (child), Paula Van Groenderbeck (child)
Arrival in the UK1914
NotesNOTES: The Van Groenderbeck family arrived from London on 13 October 1914 and took up residence in a Cottage at Apperley Green provided by Mr Algernon Strickland of Apperley Court. According to the newspaper reports, they had lived a "comfortable life" in Louvain. At 9am on 29th August they had left by train first for Ghent and then Ostend where for 5 weeks the family of 5 lived in a bathing machine ("except for 10 nights when they found a bed") - SOURCES : The Gloucester Chronicle and the Tewkesbury Register both of Saturday 17th October 1914 (British Newspaper Archive) - ENTERED BY Alison MacKenzie
Belgian Addresses
  • Louvain, Belgium
UK Addresses
  • The Green, Apperley, Gloucester, UK

Louvain, Belgium

The Green, Apperley, Gloucester, UK