Georges Lambert Dechamps

First NameGeorges
Middle NameLambert
Last NameDechamps
Date of birth20 August 1889
Professionsubmanager Belgian government
Arrival in the UK15 October 1914
Departure from the UK10 November 1916
NotesSingle Blue Anchor Hotel, Staines Empoyed by Belgian government Works, Staines Lodger of Mr. Frank Fairhead in Colnbrook IB 154093 Slough 14.4.1917 Joined Belgian army 10.11.1916 (but probably returned on leave, see Identity Book 1917) CRWR Brussels by Peter Vandenabeele
Belgian Addresses
  • Ampsin, Amay, Belgium
UK Addresses
  • Staines, UK
  • High Street, Slough, UK

Ampsin, Amay, Belgium

Staines, UK

High Street, Slough, UK