Georges Emile Piessevaux

First NameGeorges
Middle NameEmile
Last NamePiessevaux
Date of birth16 March 1887
ProfessionMine engineer
Family MembersAndrée Joséphine Piessevaux (spouse), Raymond Piessevaux (child)
LanguagesFrench, English, German
Arrival in the UK1914
Departure from the UK1915
NotesWas employed as foreman at the Cotton Powder Co., Faversham. First the guest of Mrs. KIngsbury in Uplees, Faversham, then own house at 27 Athelstan Road (the same house was later inhabitated by another Belgian refugee family). Accompanied by wife and small boy (2 y.). Joined the Belgian army as a volunteer in 1915. "Directeur des Hauts Fourneaux à Satchaskewan (Canada )1911-1914 Monterey (Mexique) 1920-1924 en Pensylvanie (USA) 1924-1929 à Shangai (Chine) 1929- ? Colonel 14-18 Volontaire de guerre". Pictures on Added by Peter Vandenabeele. Source: central register, Brussels.
Belgian Addresses
  • Saint-Mard, Virton, Belgium
UK Addresses
  • Uplees, Faversham, UK
  • 27 Athelstan Road, Faversham, UK

Saint-Mard, Virton, Belgium

Uplees, Faversham, UK

27 Athelstan Road, Faversham, UK