Emiel Frans Vandenabeele

First NameEmiel
Middle NameFrans
Last NameVandenabeele
Date of birth29 March 1857
ProfessionShipbuilder in the port of Nieuwpoort City councillor and president of the Bureau of Welfare in Nieuwpoort in Belgium
Family MembersMaria Melania Anna Vandenabeele (spouse), Julius Lodewijk Emiel Vandenabeele (child), Helena Coleta Louisa Maria Vandenabeele (child), Maria Emilia Theresia Vandenabeele (child), Celine Markey (other), Alfred August Vandenabeele (other), Frans Juliaan Vandenabeele (other)
LanguagesFlemish, French
Arrival in the UK21 December 1914
Departure from the UKMarch 1919
NotesArrived in Folkestone via the port of Calais. Joined his family, who had been staying in Faversham since October 17th. March 1915: moved with his family from 35 Norman Road (where he was lodged with his son by a local family) to 13 Albion Terrace (now 35 South Road), Faversham. The family occupied their own house now. They didn't pay any rent, because Emiel was unemployed. June 18th 1917: the family moves to 99 East Street, Sittingbourne, where Emiel was employed by Wills & Packham, shipbuilders. They stayed there until their return to Belgium, first in Bruges (because Nieuwpoort was totally in ruins). Spring 1920: return to Nieuwpoort, which town was under reconstruction then. Employment: - February 1915: employed for a fortnight bij Mr. Charles Cremer, bargeowner in Faversham Creek. Failure because of language problem and lack of implements - August 14th, 1915: employed as a carpenter by Whiting, Ospringe - January 12th 1916: employed as a Carpenter by T.A. Whittle & Co., timber merchants - As of June 1917: Wills & Packham, Sittingbourne, works as a shipwright until repatriation Identity Book no. 93384 Main source: Central Register of Belgian Refugees, National Archives, Brussels More information and pictures, see Faversham Papers no. 119 :http://favershamsociety.org/pdfs/Faversham_Papers6.pdf petervandenabeele6@gmail.com
Belgian Addresses
  • 24 Oostendestraat, Nieuwpoort
UK Addresses
  • 35 Norman Road, Faversham
  • 35 South Road, Faversham
  • 99 East Street, Sittingbourne

Oostendestraat 24, Nieuwpoort, Belgium

35 Norman Road, Faversham, UK

35 South Road, Faversham, UK

99 East Street, Sittingbourne, UK

Folkestone, UK