Desiré Dechièvre

First NameDesiré
Middle Name
Last NameDechièvre
Date of birth8 September 1875
ProfessionTeacher, sexton of Nieuwpoort's Catholic church
Family MembersOctavia Amelia Dechièvre (parent), Leontine Dechièvre (spouse), Jeanne Dechièvre (child), Maria Dechièvre (child), Georgette Dechièvre (child), Madeleine Dechièvre (child), Gerarda Dechièvre (child), Joseph Dechièvre (child)
LanguagesFlemish, French
Arrival in the UK1914
Departure from the UK1919
Notes"In the same way our sexton Desiré Dechièvre, together with his wife, his mother, his six little children and two sisters, has let himself be transported to England, where he stays in a Cadder near Glasgow in the same villa as the family of Charles Vanthuyne, where he is given lodging, fire, food etc. all for free and is very satisfied" (extract from the memoirs of Nieuwpoort's Catholic priest, Jules Vermeulen, in "Dagboek van een Banneling" from his brother Edward Vermeulen, a West-Flemish novelist) Peter Vandenabeele
Belgian Addresses
  • Nieuwpoort, Belgium
UK Addresses
  • Bishopbriggs, Glasgow, UK

Nieuwpoort, Belgium

Bishopbriggs, Glasgow, UK