Brunetta van den Broek

First NameBrunetta
Middle Name
Last Namevan den Broek
Family MembersCamiel Van Den Broeck (spouse)
Arrival in the UKDecember 1914
NotesFrom the website of Radcliffe on Trent and the First World War "The gravestone of Camiel van den Broeck, 1862-1915, born in Ghent, stands in Radcliffe cemetery. His epitaph reads ‘Far from his home and the land of his birth’. Camiel was probably among a small group of refugees who arrived in Mansfield in December 1914. At some point he was admitted to Notts County Asylum, Saxondale, where he died on November 27th 1915. The asylum had begun taking in a few military patients suffering from war trauma; it is possible that he was admitted as a result of his experiences in Belgium. Most patients who died at the asylum were buried in unmarked graves in Radcliffe cemetery; Camiel van den Broek’s headstone stands among those unmarked graves. His grave is shared with Samuel Porter, who died in Bingham workhouse in 1910, and Frank Holmes, place of death currently unknown. He left a widow, Brunetta van den Broek, who lived at 11 Harcourt Street, Mansfield."
UK Addresses
  • 11 Harcourt Street, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK

11 Harcourt Street, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK