Arthur Verstraete

First NameArthur
Middle Name
Last NameVerstraete
Arrival in the UK1914
NotesWestern Gazette, Friday 11 December 1914: Translation of a letter of thanks from Arthur Verstraete of Kit Hill House, Sherborne, Dorset, for a donation received from a local fund for Civic Relief: 'To Mr Neilson Fraser, secretary of the Belgian Refugees’ Committee. Sir, I beg respectfully to take the liberty of writing this letter to you, with the request that you will be good enough to lay it before the Chairman and the members (ladies and gentlemen) of the Belgian Refugees’ Committee. We Belgians have a very pleasant and agreeable duty to fulfil in expressing to you our warmest and most sincere thanks for your sympathetic welcome, your generous hospitality, and your overwhelming kindness to us. We are very sensitive of all the marks of sympathy you have shown us, and find therein some consolation for all the misery caused by the terrible acts of violence of which our unfortunate country is the innocent victim. In this time of our great trouble Great Britain has shown herself, as he has ever done, the champion of right and justice and the protector of the weak, and has become for every Belgian a second Fatherland. We, here in Sherborne particularly desire to express our respectful gratitude to the members of your Committee for the most sympathetic welcome and the most generous hospitality that have been accorded us. The tokens of friendship you have given us in our present hour of cruel distress will fill our hearts with feelings of deep thankfulness, which time will never efface. For all the overwhelming acts of kindness you have shown us, we offer you everlasting gratitude from the bottom of our Belgian hearts. Yours obediently, Arthur Verstraete (on behalf of Messrs. Lanwereys, Verstraete, Louwaege, and their families)'
UK Addresses
  • Kit Hill House, Sherborne, Dorset, UK

Kit Hill House, Sherborne, Dorset, UK