Alice Brand

First NameAlice
Middle Name
Last NameBrand
Date of birth05 December 1900
ProfessionSchool pupil, later apprentice at millinery
LanguagesEnglish, French
NotesAlice Brand's father was originally English, a Yorkshireman, who settled in Belgium as a horse trainer. Her mother was Belgian, and Alice herself was born in France in 1900. She had one older sister, Sarah. The family lived in Basse-Wavre until the German invasion of Belgium in 1914. Her father was working in Ostend so the family joined him there. The Germans expelled the family and other families with English men as head (about 70 from Ostend went with the Brands). The family moved to Holland but a poor reception lead Mr Brand to bring the family to England. They arrived in Folkestone and were then sent to a refugee clearing house based at Dulwich Baths, London, before being settled by a local Rotary Club in a house with a Mr and Mrs Richardson in Westwood Park, Forest Hill, London. Alice attended Forest Hill Grammar School. The family later moved to a flat in a house with a Mrs Major in Sydenham, London. Despite Zeppelins and a continuing problem with her stomach (gastric) she had a good war. On leaving school she worked for a milliners until she got a job working with Postal Orders in the Post Office at St Bride Street. Sadly she lost that due to a health check which found she had gastric problems, so she returned to being an apprentice milliner. Her mother suffered badly from moving to the UK and the loss of her home and possessions so Alice had to look after her. Alice, her father and her sister came down with influenza at the end of the war. The family did not return to Belgium after the war. From a Sound Archive interview with Alice Brand conducted in 1992, held at the Imperial War Museum, Object Number 12939
Belgian Addresses
  • Basse-Wavre, Belgium
  • Ostende, Belgium
UK Addresses
  • Folkestone, UK
  • Crystal Palace Road, London, UK
  • Westwood Park, London, UK
  • Sydenham, London, UK

Basse-Wavre, Belgium

Ostende, Belgium

Folkestone, UK

Crystal Palace Road, London, UK

Westwood Park, London, UK

Sydenham, London, UK